CV Greti Iulia Ivana


Doctorate of Philosophy in Information and Knowledge Society, Open University of Catalunya, Barcelona (from January 2012 onwards)

Thesis title: “The Construction and Exposure of the Self on Facebook”, an empirical study contributing to the discussions on the management of personal image on Social Networking Sites, supervisors Prof. PhD. Natalia Canto Mila and Assoc. Prof. PhD. Martin Berg

Master of Arts in Research Design and Data Analysis in Social Sciences, Babes Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca 2009-2011

Thesis title: “A Postmodern Panopticon- Lateral Surveillance in Online Socialization Networks”, supervisor Assoc. Prof. Phd. Gabriel Bădescu
GPA: 9.80 (on a scale from 1 to 10)

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Babes Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca 2006-2009

Thesis title: “Single Member District Plurality in Cluj Napoca- The Grounds on which the 2008 Parliamentary Elections Unfolded”, supervisor Assoc. Prof. PhD. Mircea Comşa
GPA: 9.75 (on a scale from 1 to 10).

Awards, Distinctions and Fellowships

Open University of Catalunya doctoral grant, 2012-2015, with annual renewal, based on a set of conditions;

Open Society Institute International Fellowship. International research grant within the project “Advancing Educational Inclusion and Quality in South East Europe Initiative”, April 2010.

Babes Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca, merit scholarship, October 2006- July 2011, renewed each semester.

Ivana, G. (2013). “A Postmodern Panopticon: Lateral Surveillance on Facebook”. Global Media Journal- Mediterranean Edition. Num. 8(1) Spring 2013, Pag. 1-14. ISSN.1450-4154;

Ivana, G. (2013). Resorts behind the Construction of the Expositional Self on Facebook. In: Dodig-Crnkovic, G., Rotolo, A., Sartor, G., Simon, J., Smith, C. AISB/IACAP World Congress 2012 Social Computing, Social Cognition,Social Networks and Multiagent Systems Social Turn – SNAMAS 2012. Birmingham: Pag. 103-107. ISBN. 978- 1-908187-18-5.

Conference presentations

Ivana, G., Cantó, N. (2013). Social media- The Production and Diffusion of New Regimes of Signification. In: “Crisis, Critique and Change- ESA 2013”. The European Sociological Association. Torino, 28 – 31 august

Ivana, G. (2012). Face and the Politics of Selves on Facebook. In: Annual International Postgraduate Conference “The Use, Misuse and Abuse of Identity”;. College of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Aberdeen. Aberdeen, 22 – 25 june

International Graduate Conference Colonial Legacies, Postcolonial Contestations: Decolonizing the Social Sciences and the Humanities, Goethe-University Frankfurt: Corruption and the Construction of Stateness in Post-Socialist Romania, 16-18 June 2011 Frankfurt am Main;

International Conference “Contemporary Identities”, Ars Identitatis and Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE): Perspectives on Parenting- Romanian, Bulgarian and Romani parents, 13-16 April 2011, Paris

International Symposium “Networking Democracy? New Media Innovations in Participatory Politics”, University of York and Babes Bolyai University: Tolerance in the Online New Public Sphere, 17-19 June 2010, Cluj Napoca;

International conference “Democracy and Decentralization”, organized on the occasion of the Swiss chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, University of St. Gallen, the Swiss Foreign Office and the Venice Commission: Decentralization of the Hungarian majority regions is Romania, 2-4 May 2010, St. Gallen;

Regional conference “Parental Involvement in Life of School Matters”, Open Society Institute, The Social Constructions of Parents’ Involvement in Their Children’s Formal Education, 22-25 April 2010, Becici.

Work Experience

Media analyst in the audio-video department, Trend Communication, Cluj Napoca, October 2007- November 2011 (part time)

Sociologist, Setup Research, Timisoara, March- July 2010 (project based collaboration)

Memberships in Academic Communities

Member of the European Sociological Association since April 2013.


University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations- Certificate in Advanced English, June 2008.


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