I+D sobre Futurs quotidians

In GRECS, recerca on Octubre 6, 2014 at 7:55 pm

Els GRECS comencem, conjuntament amb els col·legues del Urban Transformations in Knowledge Society (T.URBA), un nou projecte de recerca I+D sobre “Futurs quotidians: vides urbanes en temps d’austeritat i canvi”. Aquí teniu una descripció genèrica del projecte, que durarà els propers tres anys i forma part de la Convocatoria de ayudas a Proyectos de I+D «EXCELENCIA» — SUBPROGRAMA DE GENERACIÓN DE CONOCIMIENTO 2013.


We are facing a time of crises: economic, political, social and environmental. A time in which the most of what we had taken for granted seems to be vanishing in front of our eyes, and in which we look towards the future searching for answers. Thus the future becomes an insecure and somewhat risky place towards which we are walking, the uncertain horizon at which we look when we make our decisions today. However, the future that we anticipate, wish for or fear in our imaginaries does not have a single version. We cannot speak of “a” future, but of contested futures. There are different imaginaries and horizons of the future guiding us in different directions, and sometimes, even paralysing us, thus not letting us go anywhere.

This research project focuses precisely upon these conflicting imaginaries and horizons of the future. We need to know them as they are the shaping forces of our present, and we need to know their contradictions, as our society depends on holding them somehow together. To do so, we define

a.’Imaginaries of the future’ as the overarching forms that combine images and figures of the future, ‘images as the concrete objects, moments or relationships that we expect or hope for in the future, figures as the archetypes that give meaning, inform and shape the contours of our future imaginations, and imaginaries as the weaving together of the figures and images in a narration of our own life story in future tense, relating these imaginaries to other cultural practices.’
b.’Horizons of the future’ as the combination of these imaginaries of the future with the time line that expands in our minds when we picture these imaginaries, as well as with the landscapes we materially create, plan, dream, fear or expect in our minds, when we picture them.

From this perspective, therefore, we aim at exploring the imaginaries and horizons of the future that shape/are shaped by our present quotidian lives and experiences. In order to analyse the imaginaries and horizons of the future, we will focus upon three thematic issues, that are, in our view, crucial to understanding our late modern imaginaries of the future and that, if they are analytically brought to dialogue with each other, allow us to trace the shapes of these imaginaries and horizons of the future, which are so difficult to grasp in a more direct way. Thus, we will investigate how these three issues appear in the imaginaries and horizons of the future in autobiographical individual narratives, in media, and in urban planning. The three topics we will focus upon are:

1) The practices of consumption/production
2) Inequality/ies
3) Intimate/ Public Space (thereby understanding space as relational space)

Moreover, we will approach our object of study (i.e. the imaginaries and horizons of the future in these times of crises) and the three selected zooms (topics) with the perspective of the sociology of emotions and experience on the one hand, and the perspective of the geographies of political economy of urban transformations on the other hand.


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