Social tears and (per-) formed sadness – The “truth” about North Korea’s reaction regarding the death of their political leader Kim – Jong – Il

In Blocs membres on gener 14, 2012 at 1:14 pm

Nova entrada del bloc sobre sociologia de les emocions.

Sociology of Emotions

Last month, international politics has been shaken by a situation that might contribute to a transformation in, or even the fall of one of the last “socialist” dictatorships of the world – the death of Kim-Jong-Il, the political leader of North Korea. A few hours after his death, we have been able to see first pictures, first reactions by the North Korean population. But these pictures have been a surprise for many of us. Many might have had expected people to be happy about Kim Jong-Il’s death, to be relieved, to be overjoyed similar to the people in Egypt had been when Mubarak declared his withdrawal, or when the people in Libya finally killed Gaddafi. But the contrary was the case. In many online newspapers and on “youtube” we could see the pictures of people crying publically in front of Kim Jong-Il statues, in front of important monuments, or simply…

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