Projecte I+D sobre compromís de parella i expressió de les emocions

In GRECS, recerca on Juliol 15, 2010 at 11:00 am

Marxem de vacances amb l’inici d’un nou projecte I+D en marxa, “Las formas de compromiso de pareja y la expresión de las emociones en la era de la comunicación electrónica” (Forms of Commitment in Love Relationships and the Expression of Emotions in Times of Electronic Communication), gràcies a l’ajut del Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. La investigadora principal serà Natàlia Cantó, i hi participarem tots els membres del GRECS (Francesc Núñez, Swen Seebach, Pau Alsina, Isaac Gonzàlez, Ana Rodríguez i Roger Martínez).

To receive a love email or to get a break up message (SMS) was unthinkable only fifteen years ago. Now couples have the possibility to communicate with each other over long and short distances. Some couples may even start relationships by using these new forms of communication. These circumstances change the shape and content of the relationships that bond couples together – their affective practices, their daily communication, their emotional experiences, as well as their ways of expressing emotions. These changes influence a steadily growing number of people – and thus their biographies. Simultaneously, the discourses on the meaning of love and on that which a good relationship is and should be become gradually modified. Again, these changes in the practices and discourses are reflected in the social imaginaries as well as in the everyday practices of couples. Furthermore, huge changes in the socialisation of the new generations are taking place; they imply the descriptive and normative definitions of the meaning and content of love and love relationships.

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